Ghana Landcover 2010

  • Identification Information

  • Spatial Reference Information

  • Attribute Information

  • Distribution Information

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  • Identification Information:

    Source: Forestry Commission of Ghana
    Dataset format: Raster


    Landuse dataset was generated from 30m high resolution LandSat 7 images acquired for such purposes as generating a national land cover and land use map to document and analyse the current state of land use in Ghana. This was an exercise carried out by a team of experts with supervision from Forestry Commission.



    This was to serve as a base for all land policy and land management analysis and discussion. To also give an indication the extent to which current human activities were affecting the nature and use of land in Ghana and help make relevant projections and review policies to preserve the land for its intended use. This was also to serve as a base to generate land use dataset for year 2010 from.

    Spatial Reference Information:

    Geographic Coordinate System: 
    Datum:   D_WGS_1984
    Prime Meridian:    Greenwich
    Angular Unit:        Degree

    Projected Coordinate System:  

    Projection:          Transverse_Mercator
    False_Easting:      500000.00000000
    False_Northing:    0.00000000
    Central_Meridian:  -3.00000000
    Scale_Factor:        0.99960000
    Latitude_Of_Origin:  0.00000000
    Linear Unit:           Meter

    Resolution: 60m x 60m

    Attribute Information:

    LC_CODE: Land use code

    Level: The level used for the classification. There are up to 4 level of classification schemes available

    LC_Name: The actual name for the class as a form of description

    Distribution Information:


    Henry Kwamena Baffoe
    Applications Specialist
    Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services (CERSGIS)
    University of Ghana, Legon - Accra


    George Owusu
    Applications Specialist
    Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services (CERSGIS)
    University of Ghana, Legon - Accra


    Data Access Format:

    ESRI Datagrid format– Downloadable as zip file

    Date Updated:
    November 2011



    Usage Information:

    This dataset can and shall be used for the purpose for which this data sharing agreement was reached for the release of the dataset. Any other use of the dataset other than the agreed intended use, shall constitute a breach of usage agreement unless necessary arrangment have been made in this regard

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